The Family Foundation of  Greater Miami - HIV/AIDS Education/Prevention
About Us

Our Mission Statement
The mission of  The Family Foundation is to increase the awareness, promote prevention, educate and reduce the stigma of HIV/AIDS.


*Provide monthly workshops, trainings and certifications on HIV/AIDS
*Provide HIV testing and post test counseling
*Conduct HIV/AIDS training & certification classes in partnership with the Florida Department of Health
*Educate people involved in high risk behaviors as well as the general public
*Monthly outreach to at risk youth
*Promote abstinence among teens
*Provide appropriate information and referral with regard to the services and    resources available to people affected by HIV/AIDS
*Annual World AIDS Day Celebration
*Annual AIDS Benefit Banquet
*Annual Memorial Day Family Cookout

*National Week of Prayer for the Healing of AIDS 

*Churches United For HIV Prevention
*Provide holiday assistance at Thanksgiving and Christmas to families affected by HIV/AIDS
"In the United States, every 9 1/2 minutes, 
someone is infected with HIV" 

                                          According to the Centers for Disease Control